Free Link Exchange Sites List & Checklist

Link Exchange / Link Building:-

To achieve a leading position in Google to optimize the location of each keyword. Another important point is that to achieve the top ranking link popularity.

To respond positively to a partner link exchange is to design a section for partners link placement and public relations section of at least PR2.

Some suggest:

The first section of Design Link Partners

Try the second link to a page located in the upper part of the server. (Not)


2nd a link to your site map or index page.

3rd SiteMap always easy to search channels.

4th page navigation must be text link.

5th Try site wide link exchange and reciprocal link exchange.

6th I always choose one exchange links.

7th I always try to link exchange pages the same category.

8th Always try to exchange links with high PR sites, at least PR5 / 6 of
Three-way links PR5/6/7 increases the world’s search rankings.

There are some suggestions:-
1st Do not exchange links with sites independent.

The second does not replace the link to PR0 or PR1 or site is prohibited.

3rd Do not exchange links with the party of adults, are not related to hacker sites.

4th That makes no more than 30 pages interchange links
If Google has found more than 30 outbound links, Google will treat your company or a link spammer.

The fifth is not to create a framework for site pages

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