Google & its Effective SEO tools

The effectiveness of SEO tools is controversial and debatable. While there are many such tools, free and paid, available on line, the aim of any content developer remains utilizing these tools to maximum possible successful ranking of the subject website. The webmaster guidelines of various search engines have their own methods and algorithms to decide on the web page ranking. Google’s search engine is the most powerful one, where content developers want to remain present on the first page of its search results. Here comes the role of employing SEO tools in a strategic and well-planned manner. The tool itself may not bring success; it is the utilization of the SEO tool, which would determine the website ranking.

The basic fact remains that SEO process itself is not a magic wand application. Search Engine Optimization is a long process that may take weeks and months to show the results. The mix of search key words with relevant metadata and its utilization remains a major key towards successful use of SEO tools. Target key words must be used in all written content, video and other media content, as well as social media networks. That ensures success largely.

Here is a list of effective SEO tools that have chances of proving successful, over the period.

1. Google Analytics

This is a free tool from the search engine leaders, which the webmasters can use to check and analyze the traffic to their website. Observing the website performance and variation of traffic data can result in the action needed to increase the same. However, this tool does not consider the keywords, which are not provided or tagged, but which may be relevant to webpage content and its purpose.

2. Google Webmaster Tool

Heseltine referred to this tool during the recent SES conference. This tool is also free and it facilitates the webmasters checking the process of screening by Google of their particular webpage. Webmasters can foresee this process, by using this tool and bring in the necessary changes for successful search engine optimization. The tool is affective in checking the malware present in the website, as well as number of times the “Error 404” shows up.

3. Google Trends

Again, this tool is free of cost and is extensively used for most affective and successful SEO practices by webmasters, across the globe. This tool is more keyword specific and helps the webmasters to identify the keywords that may be in conflict with keywords of other websites. This tool also supports the promotion of a given product, by helping in creating an optimized related web content for the same. The variations in keywords, placed in the web content can be detected by use of this tool.  Such variations have an effect on the placement of website on the search pages displayed by various engines.

4. Majestic SEO

This tool helps in finding the domain weaknesses, while checking the profile of links. It also helps in protecting the website from attacks of Google Penguin updates. The tool is a perfect site explorer as it helps in study of URL, in depth. The main feature of this tool is that the webmasters are able to find history of back links related to their domain.

Above tools, when used extensively and wisely, can provide 100% successful Search Engine Optimization.

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