How to Make The Content More Engaging

May be you are thinking social media marketing is helping you come up in ranking, but the real scenario is really different than this. Google does not affect your rhythm of ranking as you think. If you have a social account on even popular sites like Facebook, it’s not worth that only. As in survey it’s found that user’s 137.76 million accounts are fake or duplicate just to have a fun with curiosity. Now it can be easy to understand why it is not that easy how it is sounds. It will not exactly helps you to increase you are ranking this way.

In online marketing some of the things are really important and the soul of your marketing is provided by content for mainframe. With content, some things have to be very natural and attractive. In technical language it is called as Contagious Content. It includes things like

Social achievement: people have to like your content or have to share it with people they know. So it gets spread fast as they say mouth publicity is the best thing.
Trigger points: your idea/ service or product has to design or represent in such way where people can find it easy to remember it, so it could get some more attention than other things they have seen.
Filled with emotion: people are emotional, content which has value of emotion helps itself only to get noticed and spread it quite rapidly.
Fetch the crowd: make people inspire by your content as pouring advertise in it of that particular content. Share content which is infectious for them.
Being practical: it has some enigma for sure but having practicality is also a key for a genuine content. It has to be useful in some way and at least informative which can give knowledge.
Add spice with story: stories with some legends or characters make you inviting for users to read out you content.

Use Google+

Use Google+
Now Google has started its own Google+ social site to get into market of social media. Post which you insert into your account get spread like a viral and +1’d personalize result will make that content getting up into higher rank. But does this helps? It’s like yes and no. because whether Google+ helps you to keep your speed it doesn’t get affected with the search of yahoo search engine nor Bing search engine. So it can help you but not in greater way. It will work as a helping hand only.

Get the business done

Get the business done

Whether you have posted your 1000% on board with really cool and flashy content, you need to be aware, what people are saying about it? Having social profiles ranking and posting new good contents will not make you top in list. Try to be more active on each social media you are using. You have to be present there with your answers and questions and with all ears what they have to say and what are their advices or questions. It will enhance your popularity automatically.

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