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Way back in 1998, Google made its debut to create a buzz in the digital world. Today it is 2015, Google has come a long way over a tumultuous journey. It has gone through a number of algorithm-amendments, modifications and new algorithms.

Websites need to be mobile friendly

Websites need to be mobile friendly to rank in Google search results

Google has now gone a step further to bring in a new change that would keep all the sites competing with each other. Yeah! Google has declared to include mobile friendliness as an important ranking signal for the sites.

In the era of smartphone and tabs, the website creators need to take a bit more pain in designing the websites that are also in tune with mobiles. Nowadays, you can’t design the sites that are only in sync with laptop or computer, but also uniquely designed for mobile phone usage. Thousands of people are there who prefer availing services online through mobiles instead of computer or laptop. Also, with time, more number of users is taking to smartphones for accessing the Internet.

The day is approaching

The day is approaching

The birth of Google was something that completely changed the scenario of the web platform. Now, this time, Google has promised to do something more exciting! Well, this will be a serious challenge for the website creators to rank their website according to the level of mobile-friendliness. The D-day is almost approaching (it’s on April 21st, 2015) when Google will come up with ranking algorithm to include mobile-friendliness for the sites to rank in search engine results.

What Google says for mobile friendliness

What Google says for mobile friendliness?

The website creators who still carry ignorance for mobile-friendly website display are informed by Google that this new alteration will create an impact on the search results. The users should now get the most relevant and an optimized result to their search requests is what Google has mentioned in a blog post.

Take a quick ‘Mobile-Friendly Test’ to find out the how much compatible or mobile-friendly your website is! The test will ask you to put the URL analyzing on which, Google will inform the mobile-friendliness of the sites.

Google’s recommendations of various platforms to create mobile friendly sites

In case the mobile friendly test outcomes show that your site is not mobile friendly, Google would mention the reasons like:

  • content wider than screen
  • links not adequately spaced
  • site using incompatible plug-in
  • text extremely small and non-readable
  • mobile viewport not properly set
  • image width and font size not appropriate

Google suggested the website owners to use the platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DataLife, vBulletin, Magento, Engine, Bitrix, Prestashop and Google Sites to create new sites.

General guidelines from Google

The giant search engine gives general recommendations to support your site prior to introducing any modifications. You should:

  • update your CMS to the newest version
  • make sure that the custom themes you are employing are mobile-friendly
  • review back-up forums for the CMS to observe what are the possible issues that people face with mobile version of the sites

To ensure that the custom theme is mobile friendly, Google advices you to view the theme from the admin section of your CMS and also check for “mobile” or “responsive” kind of words in the documentation. In case, there is a demo template available, you can insert the URL into the search engine’s mobile friendly test tool.

Google also proposes you to make sure that the template is rapid by verifying the Speed section of PageSpeed Insights. Also, you should make sure that the section has no issues like “should fix”.

Google also gives Mobile SEO guide that is divided into 4 sections like:

  • selecting your mobile configuration
  • indicating your configuration to search engines
  • staying away from common errors
  • configuring for other devices
From where you get technical help

From where you get technical help

You can visit Google’s Web Fundamentals site to delve deep in to the technical details of making the site mobile friendly. This is the best source to acquire relevant information for your multi device site as well as taking help of the Web Starter Kit for commencing your site.

Web Fundamentals site deals with:

  • forming the content and structure
  • making them responsive

Web Starter Kit is divided into:

  • Set Up Web Starter Kit
  • How to Use the Style Guide
  • Development Phases

What mistakes to avoid according to Google

The common mistakes that one should avoid here is about blocking CSS, JavaScript, image files, faulty redirects, unplayable content, app download interstitials, mobile only 404s, unnecessary cross-links, slow mobile pages, etc.

Google suggests that the top mistakes that the newbie would want to avoid while creating mobile-friendly sites are:

  • Employing the mobile site on a domain, sub-domain or subdirectory from the desktop site that is dissimilar from the desktop site.
  • Not considering the mobile customers.
  • Working in isolation instead of looking around for motivate on. By this, Google suggested the beginners to keep a check and stay updated with the contemporary developments.

Courses of action from Google

Google has suggested you to:

  • Design the site to ensure that the customers can easily execute common tasks right from task conception to its completion
  • Sketch the potential steps in users’ journey to ensure that the steps are simple to accomplish on a mobile interface
  • Streamline the know-how and lessen the number of user connections
  • Make a mobile site prioritization
  • Seek to seek references and portfolio of mobile sites of your website developer
  • Ensure that your site developer comprehend your mobile customers
  • Ask them to promise to speed
  • Make then install web analytics
  • Ensure that developers are knowledgeable about Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
  • Ensure that the contract includes refurbishing and improving the site following initial launch

Not that expensive

The fever is already pitched high among the sites following Google’s declaration for creating mobile-friendly website. You may also find jerk in your feet at this very moment and consider it a strenuous job to create a new website in just a less than 2 months.  More so, financial constraint is also another issue that is worth mentioning. However, you can adhere to this change without shedding extra bucks only if you posses the skills needed to implement the steps that are suggested by Google.

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