How To Rank Website On Google First Page

With Google’s latest chase for authenticity, quality, authority, and usability now it has become challenging to rank higher.  The formula and tips that could help in getting your site to be on the top of Google 10 years before might not generate the same results at present. Today, a website’s approach to rank higher in Google might look like a roller coaster ride as Google constantly revises its algorithms and you may be left speculating how to keep up with the twists and turns. However, by adapting a few strategies, you can boost your website’s rank in Google results and make it convenient for existing and new customers to discover you online and connect to make a purchase.

1. Make sure your website has a good speed and a fast loading time. A lot of images, Flash program and Java stuff s will slow down your website, another concern is that this sort of content is not noticeable to search engines, and won’t help you rank well. It is true that Images, JavaScript and flash objects are eye appealing and fun, but always use them with texts that describe them.

2. Use a keyword tool like Google Ad words to figure out what are the most suitable keywords for your entire website and for each page separately. Also choose keywords with high number of searches and low competition.

3. It is essential to inscribe posts that are 250 or more words for all pages you desire to see “rank” in Google. For each 250 words of text, strive to incorporate 2-3 keywords you are targeting for that page. Evade having duplicate pages means, the same content on more than one page, because Google will index them only once.

4. You should include a blog segment to your website, if you haven’t by now. Google loves regularly updated websites, fresh and original content, so update your blog once or twice a week. Have a lot of content on your website but don’t just copy from different websites or blogs. Search engines appreciate unique and original content.

5. Test your website on a regular basis for errors like broken links, broken images, multiple redirect chains, typos, etc. Websites with high levels of errors perform worse in the searches.

6. Try to have other websites link to your website, because the quantity of links directing to your website will influence your rank in searches. Also Share your website on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Although there are no “magic shots” to improve your Google rankings, there are above tips to make sure that your site looks good to the Googlebot so just combine and you’ll get higher ranking in Google. Just try to optimize your website to the best level to make it one of the first results at Google. It is very important to find out what exactly visitors do when they approach your website and then optimizing your site to ensemble the actions that your visitors take when they appear! This will prove Google that your visitors are getting what they desire when they come and then your site will shoot up the ranks.

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