How To Use Twitter Advanced Search Mobile

Well, it’s time to experiment with the newer Twitter search! Initially, you might find that recent one not working flawlessly and propelling you to the older styles. In case, you cannot access the recent search, you can get in touch with Twitter to confirm the latest search experience.

You can now enjoy the new, convenient and exciting search in Twitter that the latter is experimenting with. Well, you might not find any alteration or addition in terms of functionality. The main change has been implemented in the way search options are displayed. Let’s have a closer look at the changes introduced, but of course to experience these you certainly must have an account with Twitter. So, here you go!
When you search for something in Twitter, you might have noted the few filters for Live, Top, Accounts, Videos and Photos along with More Options. Suppose, you consider the “SEO” search!
A quick look will reveal that there is a distinct “live” option and the “top” menu produces results rapidly. Earlier, there was no separate “live” option and the results used to be slow in “top/all” section. In the previous version, “live” section used to appear as “all”.
Also, previously, there used to be a “people” section that has been replaced by the new “accounts” tab. Also, this newer tab closely resembles Twitter’s other pages that display accounts like “Followers” and “Following” pages. No wonder, this new alteration in Twitter search has infused a freshness and clarity over the earlier version adding to the excitement of the Twitter fans. This “accounts” tab is a better description as it stands for brands as well as other things.

Earlier, the “people” results were not that striking. So, the change was for the better!
Also, it is important to note here that the newer Twitter search is smarter compared to the previous one is a sense that it includes the people in its search results even when they don’t have SEO mentioned in their bio. It’s an extremely interesting fact that Twitter is doing an intelligent job in bringing the names of people associated with the query results among the top results without having to mention query (like SEO in this case) in Twitter handle. The newer interface appears more elegant.
Also, take note of the fact that a user is not presented with the usual “view” options like on the older versions. The latest search presents you the list view. Earlier, Twitter presented the grid view option that gave the scope to view it in “list” view.

The recent interface makes you feel that you are viewing more tweets, while the old one focuses more on the real photos from the tweets. Though it’s your personal preference, yet the one that puts emphasis on the photos are preferable when you are interested in searching for photos.
Coming to the video search, the new interface does not deviate much from the earlier one except to the point that the newer one contains no “Vine” option.
The “More Options” tab gives you more choices like “From people you know”, “Save this search”, “From everyone”, “Embed search”, “News” etc. that were laid out in a different way earlier. The newer is an advanced version in this respect since it captures your attention to all of the options making the search tool more meaningful.

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Well, that’s mostly the alteration that has taken place in Twitter search. The “Advanced Search” option has more or less been retained like the preceding one.
All of these changes might seem to be exciting and can interest, but it remains the choice of Twitter whether to roll out its experiment in reality.
This most up-to-date interface might not work in Firefox or Safari, while Chrome has materialised it. To put it briefly, the newer search line is an improvement over the preceding one and a step more towards highlighting search and making it more functional and well-designed.

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