Increase Conversion Rate With Facebook New Product ads

On Feb 17, 2015 Facebook introduced new product ads feature, that lets Businesses to target their audience in a more productive way. This new and smarter approach from Facebook make the advertisement process even smarter with the help of a set of tools.


Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), the performance marketing company, on Tuesday shows its unfolded mobile potentiality in the form of Facebook’s new product ads. The interest of the user shift from desktop to mobile, as from now Criteo’s advertisers can supplement their effort towards Facebook mobile users.

The smart “Product Ads” trait specially designed to help marketers sell multiple products or their whole product catalogs over Facebook’s mobile news feed.

Usually, the advertisers have to design individual campaigns for individual category of products to target particular audience. This requires tons of work that waste lots of time & money. Now with Facebook’s dynamic product ads you don’t need to spend much time over ad management. Advertisers can easily upload their whole product catalog to Facebook Business Manager and then create ad campaigns to target right audience.

The New Products Ads from Facebook

Product ads designed in a unique way, that on using Facebook’s conversion pixel, a tool for conversion measurement, your products dynamically optimized according to most relevant audiences based on specific interests, locations, etc. Whether an Item get sold or out of stock, Facebook’s automatic delivery system will manage everything.

At the time of testing e-retailers able to generate great revenue at mobile CPMs as compared to Desktop feed ads. As the result clearly showing 20% increase in conversion according to Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President at Target.

From couple of month Facebook testing lots of things in Social Commerce. As last year it came up with a buy button in its ads – then Groups Get Buy/ Sell Features and now Facebook unveil New Product Ads. Is this launch a Facebook’s Threat To Google.

This time Google Shopping ads are the most rapidly growing business. Retargeting mobile users is a remunerative for Google Ads. Facebook brings the similar solution in the form of product ads.

The facts are little bit clear – make the user switch from Google to Facebook’s.

The new product ads are in API available only through Facebook Marketing Partners. Power Editor will be rolled out for every individual in next few weeks.

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