The Professional’s Guide to On-Page Optimization (2021)

Should be based on some useful tips on optimizing your site for goods, while the website is in development.This page will help you move up in the page, or keywords to improve search engine rankings depends on search engine optimization site in any way. It occurs mainly on the factors, the index page, instead of the order of keywords.

Page optimization is forgotten too often these days, because we pay more attention to the inbound links with targeted anchor text to another we have the best. – Can be the ideal site, but nothing more momentum and not show up in the SERPs.
There is an extensive list of methods to search SEO optimization is considered in the evaluation process. Identify these factors, but not limited to: the words on the page, title, title tags, and meta tags, headings, subheadings, and keyword density, and the word, page, page content, the words in bold in contact, words, and navigate through the site, and the structure of the link on the Internet, or for reasons other


1. Title Tag:

  • Title tag, the first words your place after use of the word can attract visitors.

2. Meta Description:

  • Many search engines use the description tag on every time, but it is better to put it well only in the case. Enter your keywords in the initial assessment information, assessment and description of your site is attracting visitors to come back.

3. Meta Keywords:

  • Yes, it does not matter now many keywords meta search, keyword search, but fewer tags, meta keywords in the search engine is still worth some websites ranking.

4. URL Name:

  • If your domain name may be, try to main targeted keywords if you still include your keywords in the url.

5. Use Alt Text for Image Optimization:

  • Is able to see pictures of reptiles. Thus, as instruments that contain all the surface with the keyword optimization Freeware.

6. Static URL:

  • Remember that all pages should be important for short and static URLs.

7. Use Headings Tag:

  • H1, H2, and use the h3 title tag to identify key thematic categories and keywords, set the style at least once in the title.

8. Valid HTML:

  • Use the checker W3C HTML HTML in your pages is valid. There is a web page for errors HTML does not lead to a good result in SERPS.

9. Robot. Txt:

  • Your Site for search engines in your robots.txt file, you can restrict access. Check your own website with relevant information robot.txt robot is required.

10. Sitemap XML:

  • Create your XML Sitemap XML Sitemap using search engines crawl your pages.

11. Keep Your Text Body To Read:

  • Use keywords in the text of the body, but keeps your body text readable. Not my keywords in the text Drywall Drywall Drywall Drywall stuff from people until the dry wall is unclear.

12. Internal Link:

  • Internal link between the functions relating to posts.

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