Tumblr Affiliate to Social Commerce With New Buy Button

Incorporating Ecommerce to social media is the latest buzz in marketing. Last Year Facebook added BUY button to its ads and later Twitter introduced OFFERS card. Both are still testing this feature. Tumblr – New to join the same race after facebook & twitter to its blog posts.

Tumblr – The fastest growing social media platform surpassing the Instagram with the growth of 120% in active user base over the past six months, announced a testing feature in December 14. This seems to take the competition to the next level in the form of ROI and sales.

tumblr buy button

Tumblr comes out with a “Buy” button on its blog posts that allow user to buy or sell items. Words from tumblr that Sellers would love to maximize their selling potential with us.

Tumblr not just limit to “BUY” but also introduce “pledge” “browse” and “Do Something” buttons at the top right corner of post. With these users can Buy an item, share cool stuffs or get involved to cause with link to Etsy, Artsy, Kickstarter & Do Something pages respectively.

Here’s how you get to it;

  1. Find something you love on EtsyArtsy, Kickstarter, or DoSomething.
  2. Post it to Tumblr.
  3. That’s it. You were done at step two.

For now, Tumblr partnered with these four sites. It is only limited to desktop users. There is no news from Tumblr, as when it might open this feature for other sites.

This is not a surprised step from tumblr, as Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer already clear in 2013 when Yahoo acquired Tumblr that the intention is to generate more revenue from the site with ads and other social commerce features. Tumblr already on this track and started the journey with its app install ads, which were already introduced with their own action buttons.

In future, if Tumblr takes e-commerce behemoths- Amazon and eBay then it could be more viable against the competitor likes twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and others.

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