What is Ranking Algorithm In Search Engine

The power and intelligence of Google can never be undervalued in this cutting-edge era of pervasive online presence and here it is why. This giant name whom you meet day in day out is gearing up to expand ranking signal to make a mark in the history of algorithms.

Innumerable changes in google algorithms

Innumerable changes in algorithms

Since its birth, Google, the master of all trades, no doubt has surprised us all with its amazing and incredible algorithms and is continuing to do so. In fact, these myriads of algorithms brought out by Google have been history-making. You would be utterly flummoxed to know that this colossal search engine comes up with amended and brand new algorithms almost 500 times a year and the count continues. While some are tremendously significant to change the history, many of them are minor.

modification in ranking signals

A new and striking modification in ranking signals

On a similar note Google has declared its new strategy of taking into consideration the “mobile-friendliness” of a site as one of its ranking signals. It’s been a hype-creating announcement indeed! So, from now on, the sites have to devote much time in enhancing their mobile easiness in order to rank high in Google Search engine.

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The web-browser’s decision to expand its use of mobile-compatibility as a ranking signal will see its debut on April 21. So, that gives the sites a tad less than a couple of months to ensure that they fit the bill. This change will be incorporated in all languages and will definite create a significant bang on the search results, as per Google’s beliefs. Being said that, here goes the fantastic news for the masses using mobile devices for accessing Internet. Also, the information from indexed mobile applications will also create influence on the ranking for signed-in users having installed the app on their handsets.

Great competition sparked off

Great competition sparked off

The businesses will now have another reason to compete with each other to scale up the search engine results. The best part, of course, in the entire story is that it is advantageous to all! The users, on the other side, can now access optimized high quality search results on mobiles.

Not too light

Not too light

Indeed, it’s been on the part of Google to accommodate the growing and changing patterns of Internet usage. With growing section of population using mobiles to avail Internet facilities, Google’s algorithms needed an alteration to adapt to the changing usage patterns, explained Google in its announcement. Now, when Google has proclaimed that such a change is going to have significant impact, it’s perhaps something not a piece of cake.

The revisions in algorithms have been a built-on over a number of earlier endeavours made by Google in order to progress its search results for the mobile users. There have been records where Google have rolled out changes to ensure that the sites stand with proper configuration and are viewable on the trendy and updated devices.

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The label

If you have a site, then here is something that can interest you.

  • A mobile–friendly site is one that offers you readable content.
  • You can easily use it on a smartphone and you only have to scroll up and down to reach your preferred destination.
  • A user having to zoom out the text to read or use UI elements or to swipe horizontally to search content makes a site non-friendly to the mobile users.
  • In a lucid and clean site, the links need to be spaced apart to enable the users tap the right one!
  • Also, among the criteria laid out by Google to earn mobile-friendly tag, your site should not employ any software that is not compatible with mobile devices.

Well, in order to gauge whether your site is mobile friendly, you can use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool from Google.

So, all site owners out there, it’s time to gear up to earn this new label of mobile-friendliness!

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